Conflict Resolution: Mastering Difficult Dialogue

We all encounter situations involving disagreement and opposition that can escalate into conflict and confrontation.  Most people can think of a time when they tried to actively manage the situation only to have a resulting outcome that made the situation worse.  Or it could have adversely affected an important relationship.  Our negative experiences with conflict and confrontation often lead us to decide to simply avoid conflict and confrontation.  This is in the hopes that the situation will resolve itself.  However, difficult situations rarely resolve themselves when we use an avoidance strategy to manage them.  The good news is that it is possible to tackle these situations with the right set of skills.

Your Leadership Matters Inc. has developed a practical strategy to help individuals manage important interpersonal relationships. Where it is critical to be able to openly discuss and resolve situations involving disagreement or disappointment while maintaining or enhancing the strength of the relationship.

Participants in a Conflict Resolution Program on Difficult Dialogue Learn:

  • How to identify situations involving difficult dialogue
  • The reasons difficult dialogue often goes off the rails
  • The steps required to engage in dialogue that is candid, authentic and respectful
  • How to deal with emotions and other reactions that impact us under pressure
  • Specific dialogue starters to enable you to engage in difficult dialogue
  • Strategies to stay in dialogue if the conversation starts to get off track

An important part of the process of mastering Difficult Dialogue is applying the steps that will lead to the desired outcome. As with all training conducted by Your Leadership Matters Inc., the ideal program for any organization includes a focus on the application of Difficult Dialogue skills to ensure sustained change in behaviour. Facilitation of simulation exercises and activities that are customized to the specific situations that program participants will face makes the learning practical and leads to reinforcement of successful practices and the long-term adoption of new behaviours.


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