YOUR LEADERSHIP MATTERS INC. assists organizations with Human Resource Management processes that increase the organization’s ability to achieve its business goals. This includes the development and implementation of:

  • A Performance Management system and strategy that provides employees with meaningful feedback on their performance and their career options, leading to improvement in employee performance, commitment, capability and retention;
  • Succession Management processes that build bench strength to support the organization’s strategic plan. This would include a staffing strategy for senior
    level positions;
  • Workforce Planning, Recruitment and Selection processes to attract high-quality individuals to support the growth of the organization;
  • Strategy to focus employee engagement and retention efforts on the organization’s most critical job roles.
  • Employee Engagement & Retention programs focused on engaging and retaining employees – particularly the people in the roles that can have the most impact on the performance of an organization.

If an organization is unsure of their current level of effectiveness in Talent Management, they can undertake a Human Capital Intelligence Survey™.  This involves administering a survey within the organization to understand just where the organization stands with respect to:

  • Human Capital Challenges
  • Organizational Culture
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Employee Development
  • Retention Strategy

The information in the Human Capital Intelligence Report (HCIR) leads to a targeted strategy to increase the effectiveness of the organization’s approach to Talent Management.  The links below provide insights into the HCIR.

Human Capital Intelligence Report Survey Example
Human Capital Intelligence Report Brochure