Leadership Development

Your Leadership Matters Inc. has extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing comprehensive leadership development programs designed to:

  • Build the leadership capability required to achieve the long-term strategic plan;
  • Improve retention of key performers;
  • Integrate specific leadership principles that support the culture of the organization by customizing the leadership program to meet the specific goals of the organization;
  • Successfully integrate participant learning into the operational practices and performance expectations of the organization.

A critical component to measuring the success of any leadership program is assessing the amount of change that happens in leader behaviour as a result of the program. In addition to effective program design and delivery, Your Leadership Matters Inc. focuses on the application of leadership skills to ensure sustained changes in leadership performance. The focus on application requires that every leadership program be customized to the specific needs of an organization, including understanding current leadership practices and the culture of the organization.  Ideally coaching should be included in the leadership development strategy.


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