Management Coaching

Your Leadership Matters Inc. provides value-added professional coaching to enable individuals to develop strategies that will increase their effectiveness in managing people and relationships.  Building the capability of internal talent can significantly enhance an organization’s efforts to increase employee engagement and retention.  As well, for situations where a manager/leader is experiencing difficulties with the effectiveness of their leadership, coaching can provide an opportunity to build new capabilities, resolve the challenge and avoid the expense and difficulty associated with removing a manager/leader from his/her role with the organization.

Many participants in a coaching situation benefit from the use of an assessment tool to assist in developing their profile as the coaching objectives are being established.  Your Leadership Matters Inc. is certified in the application of the MERIT Profile Assessment™ tool designed to assist in building greater awareness of the behavioural and character related competency traits of an individual or group.

The Importance of Personal Leadership Effectiveness

Your Leadership Matters Inc. is also certified in the application of The Birkman Method® assessment tool that identifies a person’s passion, behaviours motivation and interests to enable improvement of people skills and to assist in aligning roles and relationships for maximum productivity and success.