Managing Employee Performance – Assessing Performance

Businessman supervising his female assistant's work on laptop computer

This blog is part of a series focusing on the topic of “Managing Employee Performance”.  Managing employee performance in the workplace is comprised of all of the interactions and activities that take place between an employer and an employee, that result in the achievement of goals and expectations.

The previous two blogs offered insights into how to set expectations.  We will now explore how to assess performance and provide employees with meaningful information on how they are doing. Read more

Manage with Head, Heart and Good Character Principles

Your Leadership MattersDoes your organization hire leaders who can manage with their head, heart and good character principles? When I was in university attending business school learning about how to make decisions and be an effective leader, we were taught the importance of assembling all of the relevant data, analyzing the data and then using logical reasoning to come up with the best plan of action. Much of what we learned was about how to use our head – or our cognitive intelligence (IQ) – to make good decisions. Read more

Life – Maintaining Balance and Managing Commitments

time managementHave you ever had one of those days where you know you worked really hard and didn’t feel like you achieved anything? It’s often referred to as spinning your wheels. This often happens because we over-commit and fail to make good choices or have difficult conversations in order to maintain balance in our schedule and in our lives.

I worked with a CEO who I really admired for his skill at managing commitments and knowing how to respond to multiple priorities and requests for his time. One particular incident stands out for me. We were in a strategic planning meeting and the CEO declared that he had to leave at 3:30 p.m. because his son was playing in the city finals of high school basketball. The executive team worked very diligently to finish the meeting on time. Unfortunately, the deadline arrived and we were not done. Read more

Great Leaders Make Things Happen – They Choose Their Destiny

Leadership ValuesGreat leaders make things happen – they choose their destiny. This blog is part of a series of blogs focusing on the importance of character and how it impacts leaders and leadership. In my previous blog we looked at values and virtues and how they are integrated with a person’s character. In this blog we’ll reflect on how leadership, a positive attitude and character intersect.

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Values and Virtues

business leadership facilitatorThis blog is the third in a series of blogs focusing on the importance of character and how it impacts leaders and leadership. Following on the previous blog “What is Character in Business Leadership“, In this blog we’ll seek to understand a little bit about values and virtues and how we might measure them. Read more

What is Character in Business Leadership?

character leadershipIn this blog I plan to continue on the theme of understanding the importance of character to leadership. In my last blog, I outlined the importance of good character to leaders.  Leaders want to enable their followers to exercise independent thinking and decision-making that serves the leaders vision and goal. In order for a leader to feel comfortable with delegating independent decision-making, they must have trust in the person and individuals who exemplify positive character traits are very trustworthy.

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