Leadership & Character – Humility

Top View of Business Shoes on the floor with the text: Stay Humble

Leaders who act with character have a variety of virtues and values that contribute to their ability to make positive character-based decisions.  One of the key attributes of character-based leadership, which seems to get less attention, is humility.  Humility is generally defined as “a modest view of one’s own importance”. Individuals who demonstrate humility focus more on others than they do on themselves which is why humility can be such a great character-based leadership attribute. Read more

Qualities of Great Leaders – Self-Awareness & Positive Self Image

Leadership Facilitator TorontoMost leaders have a high level of self-awareness and a positive self-concept. They are confident in what they believe in. When the time comes to take action, great leaders know what to do and have the confidence to do it. “He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” ― Lao Tzu

The need for a clear sense of self is critically important to leaders. One of the fundamental precepts of leadership is that it requires an individual to decide on a course of action that intentionally or unintentionally provides a direction for others. Leadership is action that influences the thinking and behavior of others. So, in order to decide to take action, you have to know what you believe in and have the confidence to act on it. We are all value-centered (what we do is based on what we value). It is important to focus on the source of our values – the culture at large, our habits, our traditions or universal principles? Great leaders possess a clear set of positive character principles to augment their self-awareness and self-concept.

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