With expertise in training needs analysis, instructional design, facilitation and measurement, YOUR LEADERSHIP MATTERS INC. can develop and implement training solutions designed to address the hard skill and soft skill needs of employees across the organization. Training topics that YOUR LEADERSHIP MATTERS INC. specializes in include:

  • Management/Supervisory Skills
  • Delivering Effective Performance Feedback
  • Personal Productivity and Time Management
  • Effective Communication in the Workplace.
  • Understanding the impact of email and technology on organizational communication. Developing communication guidelines for the organization
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Training Trainers

Organizations often spend significant time and resources implementing training programs that focus on the training day or the training event. While well-intentioned, sustainable results often fall short of expectations. In addition to effective program design and delivery, YOUR LEADERSHIP MATTERS INC. focuses on the application of skills to ensure sustained changes in performance. The focus on application means that the ideal training program should include simulation exercises and activities that are customized to the specific situations that program participants will face. This will address the needs identified at the outset of the training project and will make the learning practical leading to reinforcement of correct behaviours that are currently in place and the long term adoption of new behaviours required to improve performance.