Team Dynamics

In order to be a high performing organization, you must have high performing teams.  Your Leadership Matters Inc. works with organizations to assess the internal dynamics of a team or group.  There are two assessment options.

Option 1 uses the MERIT Profile Assessment™ as a diagnostic tool focusing on behavioural traits and the “culture” of the group.  

A MERIT Team Dynamics (MTD) analysis enables an organization to have a cost-effective process to assess how well an individual aligns within the group as well as how the group dynamics impacts the productivity of the team. A few application examples are:

  • The ability to discover the natural working paradigm of a workgroup and leverage that information in molding the requirements for a high performing team.
  • The ability to empower the workgroup to utilize the unique qualities of each team member for the improvement and good of the team.
  • The ability to build teams whose members work effectively in harmony and accord for greater productivity.
  • The ability to cooperatively work with the entire team in developing group strengths around areas of innovation, strategic thinking, problem solving and decision making.
  • The ability to measure the compatibility of any individual in reference to the team dynamics and prepare personalized development plans to bring about alignment, contribution and satisfaction.
  • The ability to diagnose potential sources of conflict so precisely that managers are able to intervene proactively to prevent their destructive influence.

Click on the link below to find out more about the Team Dynamics process. 

Team Dynamics Brochure 

Option 2 uses The Birkman Method® assessment producing a group report that enables understanding of the different  behavioral styles, motivations, expectations and stress behaviors within a group or team.  The Birkman Method® replaces intuition by providing specific, actionable information for better leadership, teamwork and conflict management.  Success depends on how well individual leaders understand themselves and those with whom they interact. A great deal of time is spent working with others to accomplish objectives. The Birkman Method® is the personality assessment for improving people skills and aligning roles and relationships for maximum productivity and success.

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