Team Dynamics

Your Leadership Matters Inc. recognizes that high performing organizations, must have high performing teams.  We work with organizations and leaders to provide an assessment of the team dynamics and establish a strategy for improving the internal dynamics of the team.  Different approaches can be used to build the skills and structures necessary to become a high performing team.

Your Leadership Matters Inc. uses frameworks and tools that focus on areas such as:

  • Setting Goals; Improving Team Climate by Building Trust
  • Dealing with Conflict and Confrontation by Effectively Managing Difficult Dialogue
  • Fostering Commitment
  • Measuring Results

There are a Variety of Assessments that Can be Used in a Team Analysis Format.  For example:

The Birkman Method ®

The Birkman Method ® assessment generates a group report that enables understanding of the different behavioral styles, motivations, expectations and stress behaviors within a group or team.  The Birkman Method ® replaces intuition by providing specific, actionable information for better leadership, teamwork and conflict management.  Success depends on how well individual leaders understand themselves and those with whom they interact.

The MERIT Profile Assessment™

The MERIT Profile Assessment™ is a diagnostic tool focusing on behavioural traits and character traits.  A group report can be generated to identify the similarities and difference within the group as well as the “culture” of the group.

Other team assessments can be administered depending on the needs of the situation.

Team Dynamics Brochure 


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